The company's leading products are automotive glass elevator, CAN, LIN, module, ECU, controller products, which are widely used in Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, imported Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW, etc. The self-developed intelligent electric elevator fills the gaps in domestic technology and has been successfully developed and applied in the field of comfort system and control system. Jiangruiya office is located in Kaide Industrial Zone, Jiangkou County, Guizhou Province, China. In 2016-11-24, Jiangkou County Industrial and Commercial Bureau was registered and established, and the company grew stronger. We always provide customers with...[more]

Hot Products

  • Blower Motor Resistor:8T0820521A  8T0820521

    8T0820521A 8T0820521

  • Door Window Switch:8RD963563


  • Door Window Switch:8KD 959 851A

    8KD 959 851A

  • Window Lifter:8K0959501G 8K0959501C

    8K0959501G 8K0959501C

  • Headlight-Switch:8K0941531AL


  • Blower Motor Resistor:8K0820521B


  • Door-Window Motor:6R0959801AP 6R0959801

    6R0959801AP 6R0959801

  • Door-Window Motor:5KD959795


  • Door-Window Motor:5KD959794


  • Door-Window Motor:5KD959793A


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